Supply Chain Management

Logistics Facility

A store structure is a framework between an alliance and its suppliers to pass on and scatter a specific thing to the last buyer. This structure blends different activities, people, substances, information, and resources. The stock structure moreover watches out for the methods it takes to get the thing or relationship from its stand-isolated state to the customer.

Supply chains are made by affiliations so they can diminish their costs and remain solid in the business scene.

Stock structure the administrators is a fundamental strategy in light of the way wherein that a reestablished store system achieves lower costs and a speedier creation cycle.

Understanding Supply Chains

A store structure combines an improvement of steps required to get a thing or relationship to the customer. The techniques consolidate moving and changing grievous materials into finished things, moving those things, and coursing them to the end customer. The substances pulled in with the stock system consolidate producers, merchants, stockrooms, transportation affiliations, spread centers, and retailers.

The bits of a store system join most of the limits that start with bearing a courses of action to meeting the customer’s referencing. These purposes behind confinement join thing progress, driving, endeavors, transport structures, cash, and customer care.

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As referenced above, age compose the board is an essential bit of the business approach. There are a wide degree of relationship in this chain require a lot of bowed and cutoff. Totally when stock structure the specialists is done what’s required, it can cut down an association’s general costs and lift advantage. If one agreement isolates, it impacts the rest of the chain and can be over the top to an alliance.

Stock structure Management Versus Business Logistics Management

The terms stock structure the chief and business joint endeavors the board—or fundamentally, organized endeavors—are incidentally used correspondingly. Energized endeavors, which is one relationship in the stock structure, is uncommon.

Urged endeavors endorses unequivocally to the bit of the age make that deals with the coordinating and control of the improvement and purpose of restriction of thing and endeavors from their place of beginning stage to their last target. Joint endeavors the supervisor begins with the foul materials and terminations with the improvement of the careful inverse thing.

Profitable made endeavors the specialists ensures that there is no suspension in vehicle at whatever point during the chain and that things and affiliations are left on beaten behind entirely terrible. This, as necessities be, attracts remains with the costs to down.

How the Flow of Manufacturing Costs Works

The improvement of get-together expenses endorses the course toward using materials and work to wrap a wrapped up that can be offered to a customer. An age sort out the board structure can decrease the cost and multifaceted nature of the social affair framework, particularly for a maker who uses various parts.

For example, a vestments maker will from the soonest beginning stage move grungy materials into creation, for instance, surface, zippers, and various pieces used to make dress. The creator by then achieves work costs to run mechanical social affair and perform other work using the materials. Precisely when the things are done, they ought to be packaged and set away until they are offered to a customer.

Trustworthy Suppliers

A gifted store engineer the specialists structure requires strong suppliers. This wraps up they produce a quality thing that watches out for the producer’s issues, and the thing is spent on timetable.

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Expect, for example, that XYZ Furniture passes on five star furniture, and that a supplier gives metal handles and various affiliations. The metal portions ought to be solid so they can be used on the furniture for a real broad timespan, and the metal parts dispatched to XYZ should fill in as made. The supplier must have the choice to deal with the creator’s referencing and ship metal parts to meet XYZ’s creation needs. These frameworks are fundamental to make a quality thing that is dispatched to a customer in a perfect manner.

Creation system and Deflation

The movement and broadened efficiencies of stock chains have expected a principal work in controling making. As efficiencies in moving things from A to B increase, the costs in doing do diminish, which, accordingly, cuts down the last cost to the client. While breakdown is a segment of the time seen as a negative, creation sort out efficiencies are one of just a pack couple of models where discharging is something to be grateful for.

As globalization continues, stock structure efficiencies become dynamically invigorated, which keeps the weight on data costs.

How To Be Famous in Instagram

The best technique to Become Instagram Famous

Social Media Marketing Agency Malaysia

You treat Instagram like it’s your for the range of the day work. In any case, consider how possible it is that it was. Getting striking on Instagram isn’t essential, in any case the payout can be huge. Free voyages! Suffering swag! Big name at the snap of a selfie!

Changing into an Instagram influencer proposes that anything is possible for you/office. That is, in the occasion that you’re set up to place in the work. Regardless of whether you ought to be known for your bits of dress or perplexing character — or all that and the sky is the limit starting there — here are a two or three recommendations on the best way to deal with oversee progression toward inducing the opportunity to be Instagram acclaimed.

Discover Your Niche

Consider your fixations, interests, and purposes of constrainment. By at that point, make an individual brand around it.

Maybe you are truly into making and need to give your feed to your undertakings, DIY interests, and high measure tasteful. Potentially you’re about vintage dress and need to utilize Instagram to share your outfits and make retro as for assistants. From flourishing to film, to the degree that individuals can relate and interface with your quality, it can work.

Being additional particular can in like way engage you to get balance. For instance, it’s less hard to grow an online structure as a sustenance influencer who spotlights on a particular sort of sustenance or region of the nation. There’s less challenge/constantly undeniable structure, and you can make yourself as a professional voice.

Work out your photograph aptitudes

You needn’t relax around inertly with inconceivably outrageous camera gear and a full Photoshop pack to get and change a colossal fragment of your substance. You can progress toward seeing the open door as Instagram celebrated with only a PDA and two or three uses, for example, VSCO.

Consider getting an appendable light for your telephone to shoot in lessen spaces, and on the off chance that you are shooting photographs of yourself or your contraption/bits of garments/cooking devices, endeavor to do in like way in standard light. Watch a couple Youtube instructional exercises for changing photographs on PDAs (like this one for iPhones), and you’ll be set up to #nofilter immediately.

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Post Regularly

Don’t simply post selfies with etchings saying you “feel beguiling, might kill later.” Tell stories to your social gathering of spectators, move them, and show them you and the cool AF stuff you like!

Make moodboards of things that line up with your image to attract you to post routinely with trustworthy messages. Possibly a piece of the things on your moodboard are shades of lavender, structure photographs from the ’90s, and clarifications from women’s protester legends of yesterday.

Use areas and hashtags purposely

You can utilize locale to get your substance before various individuals looking through a near a zone — or you can utilize them to joke around. Use hashtags a fundamentally unclear path by naming precepts, as #NYCfood and #NYCfashion. Put your hashtags in a remark underneath or after a square of room so they aren’t executing the ~vibes~ of your etching.

Plan affiliations

Formed effort beats battle as is normally done. Find explicit influencers or brands that offer your central goal or tasteful and partner up with them through cross-posts, takeovers, and joint photoshoots. You’ll get the plausibility of one another’s eyewitnesses, and you may make some new pals at the same time!

Draw in With Your Followers (and Potential Followers!)

This is online life — not an ivory tower. React to messages and remarks and have guaranteed talks with individuals. Individuals will no doubt in the world unite with your substance, which standard your inspiration to Instagram’s calculation other than makes brave aficionados.

In like way, as exhibits that relate for you from individuals who don’t beginning at now tail you. For instance, in the event that you truly care about and rotate around body inspiration and confirmation, you should like substance from individuals utilizing body-pos hashtags and partaking in sureness battles.

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Be Authentic

This isn’t only some gooey line from an after-school surprising. Your supporters have minds and will see when you’re acting phony. Don’t over-change your photographs or feel affected to constantly basically demonstrate your triumphs. We are when in doubt doing engaging at last, in a manner of speaking. Exhibiting your darlings the guaranteed you helps structure an irrefutably significant association, and you won’t need to give up your soul as you become a star, kid! A star!

Kes Kecurian Kereta

KUALA LUMPUR: Kecerdasan bumi, termasuk pengawasan dan kegiatan yang menyamar, menyebabkan polis melumpuhkan sindiket kecurian kereta utama, menurunkan jumlah kenderaan dicuri secara drastik dalam tempoh lima tahun yang lalu.

kereta sewa langkawi murah

Polis persekutuan tidak membiarkan “memecahkan” industri bernilai bilion-ringgit ini dan mencari mereka di sebalik operasi sukar difahami ini.

Pada tahun 2013, sebanyak 70,847 kenderaan, bernilai RM1.6 bilion, dilaporkan dicuri di seluruh negara.

Tetapi bilangan itu dikurangkan kepada 60,508 kes pada tahun berikutnya, penurunan kerugian bernilai RM300 juta.

“Pada tahun 2015, beberapa kerugian bernilai RM1.2 bilion dilaporkan, diikuti RM1.08 bilion pada 2016, RM845,000 pada tahun 2017 dan RM727,996 pada tahun lepas,” kata Ketua Kanan (SAC) Datuk Khairuldin Saad kepada The Star.

Penolong Pengarah utama CID D4 (operasi / risikan) berkata kenderaan yang dilaporkan dicuri telah mengalami penurunan.

Terdapat penurunan sebanyak 14.6% pada tahun 2014 berbanding tahun 2013, 10.7% pada 2015 (berbanding 2014), 10.4% pada 2016, 12.9% pada 2017 dan 14.7% pada 2018, katanya.

“Kecurian kenderaan dikategorikan sebagai jenayah harta benda, yang menyumbang kepada 40% daripada indeks jenayah negara setiap tahun.

“Dalam tempoh lima tahun yang lalu, kecurian kenderaan telah dikurangkan daripada 70,847 kes pada 2013 kepada 35,953 pada 2018,” katanya.

Beliau menambah bahawa kejayaan itu adalah hasil kerja perisikan yang tidak kenal lelah yang dilakukan oleh pegawai D4.

“Penurunan jumlah kecurian sedemikian adalah trend yang sihat.

“Ini disebabkan kecerdasan yang boleh dilakukan dan operasi penguatkuasaan berterusan,” katanya.

SAC Khairuldin berkata kenderaan yang dicuri telah dihantar ke luar negara atau dilucutkan alat ganti.

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“Kereta mewah, seperti Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Hilux, BMW dan Mercedes Benz, dikenali sebagai” dieksport “di darat oleh kapal-kapal dalam bekas.

“Sindiket kecurian kereta memalsukan dokumen mengisytiharkan kenderaan sebagai alat atau peralatan elektrik.

“Kenderaan ini dihantar ke Jepun,” katanya.

Untuk darat, penghantaran rentas sempadan, kenderaan dicuri didorong ke Thailand dan Singapura.

“Kenderaan itu dilengkapi dengan pendaftaran palsu dan diambil merentasi sempadan pada waktu pagi, waktu puncak atau hampir waktu penutupan sempadan.

Beliau berkata berdasarkan siasatan, kenderaan yang dicuri cepat didorong ke sempadan dan diseludup ke Thailand.

Kereta yang disasarkan untuk bahagian biasanya kenderaan buatan tempatan seperti Proton dan Perodua, katanya.

“Sindiket kecurian kereta juga diketahui membongkar kenderaan yang dicuri di halaman mereka sendiri sebelum menjual bahagian,” katanya.

Beliau menambah bahawa berdasarkan kejayaan mereka selama ini, hanya terdapat sekumpulan kecil pencuri kereta yang tersisa.

“Kami tidak akan berpuas hati dengan kejayaan kami. kita akan pergi selepas kumpulan ini, “katanya.

Beliau berkata mereka juga menggunakan Akta Pencegahan Jenayah (Poca) untuk membendung kegiatan kecurian kereta.

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“Antara 2014 dan 2018, sejumlah 449 suspek ditahan di bawah Poca.

“Kami juga mengawasi pencuri kereta yang telah menjalani hukuman mereka dan kami telah meningkatkan operasi untuk menangkap mereka yang berada dalam senarai yang dikehendaki,” kata SAC Khairuldin.

Pada tahun 2013, 24,647 pencuri kereta yang disyaki telah ditangkap, diikuti 26,279 pada 2014, 25,194 pada 2015, 24,823 pada 2016, 23,267 pada 2017 dan 19,958 pada 2018.

Mercedes AMG GT

Dengan AMG GT, Mercedes telah membuat pesaing Porsche 911. Kecuali ia tidak, kerana apa yang dibuatnya adalah coupe dua tempat duduk, yang mana kereta Porsche terkenal dengan empat tempat duduk belakang.

Adakah ia pengganti kepada SLS AMG yang hebat, maka; jisim yang menonjol dengan nipis yang menyamar dengan pakaian berjenama? Nah, tidak, tidak benar – GT agak kurang mahal (dan, kata Mercedes, jauh kurang dari segelintir juga).

Ia harus berjalan selepas BMW M6, maka, kerana harga itu sama? Nope – BMW adalah versi pantas seorang penari agung mewah, sementara Merc adalah model yang sporty.

Yang benar ialah Mercedes-AMG GT adalah semua perkara ini, dan tidak satu pun dari mereka. Belum lagi? Nah, ambil secawan teh dan tempat duduk yang selesa, dan kami akan menerangkan semua.

Perbezaan Antara Mercedes GT, BMW M6 dan Porsche 911

Tidak seperti Porsche 911 dan BMW M6, Mercedes-AMG GT adalah ketat dua tempat duduk, jadi jika anda memerlukan ruang untuk semua keluarga, anda tidak beruntung.

Terlebih lagi, anda mungkin mendapati bahagian dalamnya sedikit sesak, kerana konsol tengah sangat besar dan menyerang sedikit di dalam ruang siku untuk kedua-dua pemandu dan penumpang.

Yang berkata, boot adalah sekurang-kurangnya cukup luas, menawarkan ruang untuk beg pakaian bersaiz sederhana atau beberapa beg semalaman. Memang ada ruang bagasi lebih daripada yang ada di Porsche, walaupun BMW M6 menawarkan lebih banyak lagi.

Cuba untuk memandu Mercedes-AMG GT di jalan belakang yang rosak, boleh menjadi pengalaman yang tidak menyenangkan. Walaupun dengan penggantungan boleh laras dipasang pada versi S-top-top, ia menggegarkan dan menjejaskan bonggol.

Lebih-lebih lagi, di lebuh raya, ia tidak pernah dinaikkan, jadi semasa anda tidak menyebutnya tidak selesa di sini, terdapat kapal penjelajah jarak jauh yang lebih baik.

Mercedes AMG GT

Sekurang-kurangnya kualiti perjalanan dikurangkan sebahagiannya oleh kerusi. Mereka tidak pasti, yang tidak membantu mengatasi masalah, tetapi mereka juga menyokong anda di semua tempat yang betul, jadi duduk di dalamnya selama beberapa jam pada akhirnya tidak memberi anda sakit belakang.

Kerana kekurangan ruang, Mercedes telah terpaksa mencari beberapa butang di sepanjang kawasan di mana anda akan berehat lengan anda, yang boleh membawa kepada beberapa menekan butang yang tidak disengajakan.

Satu lagi hasil sampingan bahagian dalaman yang sempit ialah tuas gear yang dipasang di bahagian belakang siku kiri anda, yang bermaksud elemen penyesuaian diperlukan untuk mencapainya.

Tetapi, sementara sistem hiburan mengambil sedikit masa untuk belajar kerana banyaknya menu, ia sekurang-kurangnya mempunyai skrin yang nestle rapi di papan pemuka, dan bukannya membanggakannya, seperti yang dilakukan di kebanyakan Mercs lain.

Selain itu, papan pemuka itu adalah perkara yang sangat cantik, semua keluk pelindap lembut dan muncung berkilat. Ia adalah pesta untuk mata.

Pandangan dari Mercedes-AMG GT dengan mudah boleh menipu anda memikirkan anda berada di jambatan Ark Diraja, jadi langsing adalah cermin depan dan lebar bonet.

Menjalankannya melalui jurang sempit hanya menambah ilusi, kerana ia adalah kereta yang saraf-wrackingly luas.

Tidak ada satu pun yang dibantu oleh hakikat bahawa AMG GT tidak datang dengan sensor tempat letak kereta sebagai standard, peninggalan yang mengejutkan memandangkan saiz dan harga. Dan jika anda ingin menambahkannya, anda tidak boleh melakukannya sendiri; anda perlu membayar pakej premium yang agak mahal. Fikiran anda, ini juga menambah kamera membalikkan, yang bernilai.

Anda tidak akan kekurangan guntingan di GT, dan kotak gear automatik standard memudahkan anda meleleh di dalam trafik, walaupun kadang-kadang ia boleh berubah sedikit demi sedikit.

Mercedes akan mempercayai bahawa AMG GT adalah peneraju memandu dan tepat, sama seperti Porsche 911, bukan mesin burnout smokey yang SLS AMG. Jangan percaya perkataan itu.

Untuk bersikap adil, ia sangat disusun, penggantungan yang sengit menghalang sebarang bentuk badan bersandar melalui penjuru dan membolehkan beberapa kelajuan menikam cepat mengejutkan – apabila anda memetik keberanian.

Tetapi memetik keberanian adalah kunci. Kekakuan penggantungan bermakna AMG GT boleh merasakan seperti bronco bucking, dan digabungkan dengan stereng dan sedikit stereng steering, pemacu yang lebih keras adalah lebih bergantung kepada kehidupan sayang daripada memilih garis yang sempurna.

Rizab kuasa yang luas itu juga bermakna tidak terlalu sukar untuk mengatasi roda belakang dan menimbulkan ekor ke dalam kelakuan gila, licin dan licik yang mana Mercs pantas begitu terkenal.

Ini adalah kereta yang sangat menarik, maka, tetapi dengan cara yang sama seperti berjalan di kepala kumpulan lembu yang mengamuk.

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Delivery Service Malaysia

Gathering Delivery

Pack transport or group transport is the advancement of development compartments, social events, or high view mail as single shipments. The affiliation is given by most postal structures, helped development, private clergyman affiliations, and not by any stretch of the imagination truckload shipping transporters.

Same-day advancement

Same-day advancement for close to package, (for instance, reports) has for quite a while been open by neighborhood dispatch. Rail and air transport made same-day advancement conceivable over longer sections; for example, packs sent in the early morning can be passed on (at for the most part amazing cost) wherever in the region United States. Retail things were just sometimes sold with transport any speedier than medium-term.

Some online sustenance venders, for instance, AmazonFresh and Webvan, and advancement affiliations worked by business fragments like Peapod and Safeway have had same-day or 24 hour transport windows. Distinctive cafés have since quite a while back passed on takeout locally on intrigue, and online sustenance referencing affiliations have stretched out this to various burger joints that would by some way or another or another not pass on.

Amidst the 2010s, specific major affiliations moved, using online shopping and retail stream focuses or join stores neighboring the referencing customer for fulfillment at for the most part immaterial exertion. The United States Postal Service “Metro Post” started in 2012, which by 2014 was shipping Amazon mentioning to 15 urban frameworks. In 2013, Walmart was passing on same-day packs from its own stand-out stores in test cities[8] by methodologies for UPS. started a general one-hour neighborhood transport advantage for scarcely perceptible nuances in 1998, yet hung in 2001. Same-day retail advantage Postmates began in 2011, and Google Express began in 2013 with a set number of dealers and urban districts. By September 2015, Amazon Prime Now (which joins picked stock including a couple of things) offered 1-hour improvement in 13 urban zones, and the alliance moved Amazon Flex, which is an affiliation like Postmates using low assistance workers to pass on Amazon Prime Now packages.

Transportation engineer relationship, for instance, Uber and Sidecar have likewise started looking into changed lanes concerning retail point-to-point emissary advantage and what’s everything the more rapidly improvement of things referenced online from neighborhood sellers. New relationship with relative affiliations join Doorman in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City, Deliv in San Francisco, WeDeliver in Chicago, and Shutl in Manhattan and Chicago.

Commonplace pack bearers

In like manner, remarkable regional social occasion improvement affiliations have skiped up since the 1990s. They join the track and look for in the wake of limit of the national bearers with the ability to guarantee 24 hour advancement at ground rates over a progressively imperative transport impression. Since they are covertly based, they can improve shipment time being developed and increment shippers sufficiency with later get times. The common pack bearers can be a monetarily sharp improvement to UPS and FedEx in light of the manner in which that they don’t charge the full heap of accessorial charges referenced in the bit above.

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2019 Proton Persona

2019 Proton Persona

Pelancaran Proton Persona 2019 baru sahaja dilancarkan di sini di Pusat Konvensyen Kuala Lumpur, hampir dua bulan selepas Proton mengeluarkan set pertama gambar rasmi. Seperti dahulu, empat varian ditawarkan, bermula dengan Standard MT (RM42,600), Standard CVT (RM44,600), CVT Eksekutif (RM49,600), dan Premium CVT (RM54,600). Fikiran anda, harga lebih rendah sebanyak RM5,000 berbanding pelancaran 2016, jadi itu.

Proton Persona 2019 Baru

Menurut Proton, terdapat kira-kira 303 perubahan yang dilakukan kepada Persona, jadi mari menyelam terus ke dalamnya. Semakan luarannya cukup penting – ia kini mempunyai krom menyapu baru di depan yang merentasi seluruh lebar kereta. Proton menyebutnya reka bentuk “Ethereal Bow”, yang dibungkus di bawah gril. Sudah tentu, gril baru juga mempunyai corak “Infinite Weave” biasa yang pertama kali dilihat pada SUV X70.

Lampu depan dibawa dari sebelumnya, tetapi hanya model Eksekutif dan Premium mendapatkan lampu LED siang hari (di tempat lampu kabut). Lampu rumah tangga juga boleh didapati di kedua-dua, namun yang terakhir adalah satu-satunya untuk mendapatkan lampu auto. Selanjutnya, gril yang lebih rendah kelihatan lebih langsing, dengan pengambilan udara yang lebih besar. Strip hitam berkilat mengikat semuanya dengan baik.

Di belakang, ia mendapat bumper yang telah disemak dengan jalur krom yang tipis, ditambah dengan hiasan boot belakang belakang yang baru dengan skrip Proton. Ini, ditambah dengan antena sirip hiu, adalah standard di semua model. Satu set baru perak 15-inci (saiz yang sama seperti sebelumnya) roda aloi pelbagai bercakap (Premium mendapat selesai dua nada) melengkapkan rupa – reka bentuk baru juga memenuhi lengkungan yang lebih baik. Ciri-ciri seperti cermin pintu elektrik dengan lipatan auto, serta pelepasan boot jauh unik kepada Eksekutif dan Premium sahaja.

Variasi Warna Proton Persona 2019

Pemilihan enam warna yang sedia ada semuanya telah dijatuhkan. Sebaliknya, hanya lima warna yang akan ditawarkan – Jet Grey, Snow White, Ruby Red, Rosewood Maroon dan Silver Armor, dan semua warna dari palet warna Geely, kecuali Ruby Red yang merupakan warna Proton

Di dalam, skema warna hitam dan beige Persona dikekalkan. Terdapat pelapis bahagian kulit baru, auto naik / turun untuk tetingkap sisi pemandu (sebelum ini hanya auto ke bawah; Eksekutif dan Premium sahaja), dan seperti facelift Iriz, Persona mempunyai kluster instrumen baru dengan panggilan cepat dan warna yang berwarna- paparan maklumat (Eksekutif dan Premium sahaja).

Untuk kit, model Standard dan Eksekutif mendapat stereng urethane (Eksekutif masih urethane, tetapi dilengkapi dengan kawalan multifungsi), walaupun item seperti paparan multi-info LCD, unit kepala audio double-DIN dengan sambungan Bluetooth, dua penceramah depan dan kain pelapis adalah untuk model Standard sahaja. Di samping itu, semua model mendapat tiga port USB – satu untuk pemindahan data, dan dua di bahagian belakang konsol tengah untuk mengecas peranti mudah alih.

Bagi model Eksekutif, ia mendapat unit ketua skrin sentuh tujuh inci yang baru dengan fungsi berpasangan Bluetooth dan telefon pintar, serta empat pembesar suara. Model premium teratas adalah satu-satunya cara untuk mendapatkan fungsi kawalan suara “Hi Proton” sama seperti X70 (tolak beberapa arahan untuk beberapa ciri kenderaan), serta sambungan internet melalui eSIM terbina dalam, yang Proton berkata adalah yang pertama untuk segmen ini.

Ciri-ciri tambahan yang digabungkan dengan unit ketua lanjutan termasuk streaming muzik dalam talian dan navigasi dalam talian. Sudah tentu, ini dilengkapi dengan pakej data selama lima tahun (1GB setiap bulan), seperti X70.

Spesifikasi Proton Persona

Di tempat lain, Eksekutif dan Premium berkongsi kunci tanpa kunci dengan permulaan, dan bahagian kulit kain bahagian (dengan 60:40 split fold; model Standard tidak mempunyai ciri lipatan split). Juga, Premium adalah satu-satunya model untuk mendapatkan cermin pandangan belakang tanpa bingkai baru dan gear baru X70 (lengkap dengan boot kulit).

Di bawah bonet, enjin petrol empat silinder VVT 1.6 liter yang sama tidak berubah dari sebelumnya. Ia menghasilkan 107 hp pada 5,750 rpm dan 150 Nm tork pada 4,000 rpm, dipasangkan sama ada gear gear lima kelajuan manual atau CVT. Proton mengatakan bahawa CVT telah disesuaikan semula untuk mengurangkan penggunaan bahan api sebanyak tiga hingga empat peratus, dan perubahan juga telah dibuat untuk mencapai prestasi brek dan penghalusan yang lebih baik.

Akhir sekali, keselamatan. Tulang tidak berubah, jadi semua model mendapat peringkat keselamatan crash ASEAN-NCAP lima bintang. Kedua-dua beg udara SRS adalah standard (hanya Premium mendapat enam beg udara), seperti kerusi Isofix belakang dengan penambat utama, ABS dengan EBD, ESC, Brek Assist, Sistem Kawalan Traksi, Hill Hold Assist, dan penderia letak kereta hadapan dan belakang. Eksekutif dan Premium menambah pada kamera terbalik dengan garis dinamik.

Untuk merakam, harga bermula dari RM42,600 hingga RM54,600 (OTR sans insurans), dan termasuk harga adalah waranti jarak jauh 150,000 km lima tahun. Juga, Proton menawarkan pakej perkhidmatan (buruh percuma untuk tiga lawatan perkhidmatan), cukai jalan percuma selama dua tahun untuk 1,000 pelanggan pertama, serta kadar pembiayaan yang rendah sebanyak 2.93% setahun bagi kedua-dua Persona dan Iriz.

Bukan itu sahaja – Proton juga membuang satu pakej insurans yang meliputi perlindungan untuk semua pemandu tanpa kos tambahan, elaun bantuan banjir sehingga RM1,000, Perlindungan Utama (sehingga RM1,000), perlindungan nilai yang dipersetujui (sehingga 12 tahun), serta insurans untuk pemegang polisi (sehingga RM15,000).

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Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia Berhad is a postal conveyance administration in Malaysia, with history going back to mid 1800s.

 same day delivery courier service in malaysia

Pos Malaysia gives postal and related administrations, to be specific:

Standard Mail (Flexipack Domestic, Standard Mail, Non-Standard Mail, Postcards, Mel Rakyat, Pos Ekspres, Pos Daftar, Pos Solutions).

Messenger, Express and Parcels CEP (Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Time Certain Service, Pos Parcel, Pos Ekspres, Pos Laju Prepaid Pack, On-Demand Pick-up, Prepaid Envelopes/Boxes).

Retail (Bill installments, driving permit restorations, individual protection, vehicle shipping administrations).

Global Mail (International inbound and outbound sends, little bundles, packages).

Coordinations (Warehousing, cargo sending).

online business (e-satisfaction, e-installment, e-commercial center).

The organization holds a restrictive admission to give mail benefits through its system of more than 926 branches and smaller than usual post workplaces in Malaysia. Nonetheless, misfortune sends issue still frequently revealed, however no measurements distribute to the general population.

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Pos Malaysia Behad History

The historical backdrop of Pos Malaysia Berhad can be followed back to the mid 1800s with the foundation of postal administrations first in the Straits Settlements in Penang, Malacca and Singapore extending through whatever is left of Malaya by the mid twentieth century. Letters were then passed on through dispatch riders or exceptional errand people. Rather than postage stamps, expenses were gathered when letters were turned in at the Post Office. Letters posted were given a receipt.

The framework later changed when the Indian stamps overprinted with crown and Straits’ stamps overprinted with dollars and pennies were presented in 1867. The principal debut set of postage stamps was presented in 1901.

It was likewise begun as a mode for the transmissions of letters, papers and business records. The postal administration before long advanced into a various administrations supplier. It started to wander into bundle conveyance, enrollments, protection administration, exchange of cash (postal request and cash request) and speculation of assets (Post Office Saving Bank).

The postal administration, at that point known as Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos – Postal Services Department (PSD), additionally started to assume control over various administrations in the interest of the Government divisions. It began to gather installment of power charge, clearance of canine permit, installment of benefits, closeout of TV permit and others.

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In 1992, Pos Malaysia Berhad was corporatised from the PSD. In September 2001, Pos Malaysia Berhad was recorded on the then Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (presently known as Bursa Malaysia Berhad) through a turn around takeover of a Philio Allied Berhad expecting its posting status. Today, Pos Malaysia has numerous Strategic Business Units – POS Laju, POS International, Data Pos, POS ArRahnu, POS Digicert, POS Solutions and POS Online.

Zepto Express Delivery Malaysia

The Fastest 24 Hour Delivery Service

Fastest same day transport advantage in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru

24 Hours Delivery Malaysia

We’re the fastest On-Demand Delivery Service Malaysia Platform that empowers customers to make transport arrangements at whatever point the planning is perfect. We mean to move into a vast expanse of minute onlinne transport and upset standard organization transport by guaranteeing a most outrageous movement time of 3 hours.

Our gathering is dependably building our examination stage to manage countless administration normally inside Klang Valley, Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru. Our 24 hours same day delivery malaysia will help customers with sending or get their items on our 24 hour transport structure.

What cool about our transport advantage? You can live track and screen to where the package will be passed on. Along these lines, don’t pressure vacillate to use our organization and download our transport advantage application now.


We are constantly watchful for key business openings. If you trust that we ought to participate, if it’s not all that much inconvenience let us know.

wn a site Content?

Moving things or organization online ? Arrange minute online assisted administration decision and give your stage an edge over your opponents.

The Zepto Pledge

Trust and prosperity are our best need. All ZeptoPartners must experience expansive establishment and identity checks, and each assisted administration and 24 hour movement is secured by ZeptoExpress. Persistently have real sentiments of quietness.

Looking for the Best 24 Hour Online Delivery Service?

Enroll and Login

Login to our setting up for the web transport entrance at work territory, tablet or even from your adaptable. Get immediate organization transport quote as the regions are entered. Estimations rely upon division structure.

Make Jobs

Make Jobs by clicking “New Job” from the side menu by then enter your pickup transport and movement point. When you have finished off the booking nuances you may see your booking demand and avow once everything is done.

Get Matched

You will by then be redirected to the page where we will use our “ZeptoPower” to find you a “Zepto Express Partner”. You could in like manner make your next booking demand while sitting tight for us to complete the charm.

We will let you know once we have found you a ZeptoPartner, and you may make portion to start the action.

Live Fleet Delivery Tracking

We worship telling our customers through their very own dashboard with the live transport following segment that determines the running time and the territory of the ZeptoPartner that is doled out to the action orchestrate.

You may structure your time while following that day transport continuously or maybe get yourself some coffee while keeping it together for the action demand to wrap up.


Pakej Umrah Menarik

pakej umrah terbaik

Umrah (ﻋﻤﺮﻩ) ialah mengunjungi Baitullah di Makkah dan melakukan ihram, tawaf, sa’i dan bertahallul mengikut tertib.

Umrah adalah fardhu seperti Haji. Ini adalah pendapat al-Imam as-Syafie r.a. yang al-Azhar. Ijmak Ulama mengatakan bahawa hanya wajib dilakukan sekali sepanjang hayat bagi orang yang mampu kecuali orang yang bernazar, maka dia wajib memenuhi nazarnya.

Dalil daripada al-Quran ialah firman Allah Taala: Dan sempurnakanlah ibadat Haji dan Umrah kerana Allah (Al-Baqarah 196). Sabda Nabi yang diriwayatkan Ibnu Majah, Al-Baihaqi dan sanad yang sahih daripada Aisyah r.a. katanya:
Aku berkata : “Wahai Rasullah,apakah wanita wajib berjihad?”. Sabda Baginda: “Ya, jihad yang tiada peperangan padanya iaitu haji dan umrah”.

Umrah 2019 Bersama Annaufal Travel

Niat Ihram, Tawaf dan Sa’i tidak boleh dilakukan di mana-mana tempat lain melainkan di tempat yang ditetapkan. Iaitu niat ihram di Miqat, tawaf 7 pusingan mengelilingi Kaabah di dalam Masjidil Haram dan bersa’i 7 kali bermula di bukit Safa dan berakhir di bukit Marwah. Terakhir sekali bertahallul iaitu bercukur atau mengunting rambut sekurang-kurangnya 3 helai selepas itu, segala larangan dalam Ihram menjadi halal sepertimana sebelum beliau berihram.
Beza Umrah dengan Haji ialah Umrah boleh dilaksanakan sepanjang tahun tetapi Haji hanya boleh dilakukan pada bulan haji iaitu bulan Zulhijjah sahaja, dan hari kemuncaknya ialah pada hari Tasyrik 9,10,11,12 dimana jemaah berkumpul di Padang Arafah dan Mina.

Umrah Murah 2019 Bersama Annaufal Travel

Pada zaman sekarang Kerajaan Arab Saudi menetapkan mana jemaah umrah mestilah mengikut muassasah umrah dan memohon visa umrah melalui agensi umrah. Tiada lagi permohonan Visa umrah dapat dilakukan di Kedutaan Arab Saudi secara individu.


  1. Berihram (Berniat melakukan umrah)
  2. Tawaf
  3. Sa’i
  4. Tahallul
  5. Tertib


  1. Berihram serta berniat umrah di Miqat yang ditentukan.
  2. Menjauhi segala perkara yang dilarang semasa dalam ihram.


  1. Mandi sunat untuk Ihram
  2. Sembahyang sunat Ihram
  3. Sembahyang sunat Tawaf
  4. Mengucup Hajarul Aswad
  5. Bertalbiyah.

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Zepto Express

ZeptoExpress @ Web Summit 2018

The best development meeting on earth said by Forbes. ZeptoExpress went to this year Web Summit 2018 held in Lisbon, Portugal. This event aggregates the creators and CEO’s of advancement associations, rapidly growing new organizations, approach makers and heads of state to pass on the natural arrangement of development to the accompanying stage.

In the event, ZeptoExpress were selected to a Beta characterization, as the association has moved viably and is at one time a Web Summit graduate. We open introduction slow down for one day in the midst of the Web Summit from 5 to 8 November 2018.

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Bundle Delivery

Package transport is the movement of conveyance compartments, bundles, or high regard mail as single shipments. The organization is given by most postal systems, sped up conveyance, private delivery person associations, and not actually truckload shipping transporters

Same Day Delivery

Same-day delivery for neighborhood groups, (for instance, reports) has for a long while been available by close-by dispatch. Rail and air transport made same-day movement feasible over longer divisions; for example, packs sent in the early morning can be passed on (at reasonably stunning cost) wherever in the region United States. Retail items were just once in a while sold with transportation any snappier than medium-term.

Package Delivery advantage structure

Package movement structure is a system that offers extraordinary transport of groups, documents or information in which package proprietors perform action in the system concerning things to be delivered.It also pre-enlightens the customer about the sum it will cost them to send the package and besides the section date of the package they have to send.


Bundle 24 hour delivery benefit framework is a structure that offers phenomenal transport of groups, chronicles or information in which package proprietors perform movement in the system concerning things to be delivered.It moreover pre-instructs the customer about the sum it will cost them to send the package and besides the arrival date of the package they have to send.